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Nano Eco Tests New Coating On Untreated Wood.

New coatings tests on untreated wood.

Nano Eco's coatings are applied to this untreated wood to determine the level of protection and to demonstrate the power of our coatings.

Firstly we acquired a discarded piece of CLS timber which we cut to a manageable size then coated half of the wood with our most durable coating.

You can see that our coating has changed the aesthetics of the coated side of the wood which on occasion happens to dense porous material.

After we allowed the substrate to cure for 24 hours we applied several drops of clean tap water to each side using a syringe. The results on the smooth part of the wood are well above our expectations giving it serious protection.

The results we gathered from the end that was cut therefor being the most porous part of the substrate were astonishing, as you can see the water is again standing tall and not absorbing into the wood and simply rolls off without leaving any residue behind preventing water and damp ingress into the wood itself.

Nano Eco's coatings bond to all types of building and construction materials giving ultimate unmatched protection meaning longer life for the substrate it is applied to.

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