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Strada Environmental Get Protected.

We visited Strada on a couple of occasions to discuss the level of protection that they sought for their fleet and also the decontamination unit that is used for showering after asbestos has been stripped from one of their sites.

Andy and his management decided that for the vehicles we should use our permanent coating and the same decision was made for the decon unit.

With the vehicles we gave a full anti contamination treatment to free them of any above surface contaminants like tar and iron. We then used IPA to thoroughly clean the paint/glass before applying our coating to all paint, glass and trim.

The decon unit had the same treatment on the outside. For inside the decon we steam cleaned the entire interior which included dirty end, shower cubicle and then clean end and lockers. Again we used IPA to clean the interior before spraying our permanent coating on all walls and ceilings.

This process for Strada makes cleaning the decon unit more efficient and thorough as these units must be absolutely spotless.

For the vehicles it protects the sign writing and the paint from the harsh elements of the road and also gives a high company profile when out and about.

Feedback from Andy MD of Strada Environmental Limited

"The team at Nano Eco were total professionals when it came to the protection of our assets, no detail was overlooked and we were involved every step of the way. Our operatives report to us that cleaning is much easier and improved, and our fleet need cleaned less often saving us on vital downtime and other costs plus they look like new"

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