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Luxury goods coatings a success.

Nano Eco tested luxury coatings a couple of years back which was successful, now with a new upgraded formula we believe we now have the answer. This is designed using various products and procedures as all surfaces and substrates are different. We can protect watches of any material, hand bags/wallets/purses of any material, sunglasses, diamonds, gold and silver, shoes plus more.

This Tag Heuer Indy 500 Special Edition watch has been coated with 5 layers of Nanotech Ceramics and is now imperviable to scuffs, scratches, chips, corrosion and many more. Now being totally chemical proof you can expect robust and powerful inclusive permanent protection.

Mullberry leather wallet is protected with out Nanotech leather sealant then 2 coats of another test sealant we are working on. This particular coating is semi-permanent. It will protect it from permanent damage such as ink from pens, jeans, seats plus from any form of spillage like fizzy drinks and alcohol. For all these applications cost it is a good investment.

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