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Balenciaga Luxury Coating

New Balcenciaga footwear comes to us from one of our commercial clients that knows just how tough our coatings actually are and commissioned us to protect his new trainers.

Being new and still in the box this gives us the best type of substrate to work on. With many different surfaces here we used 3 separate formulations to perform an inclusive protection for our client.

Each shoe was checked for defects first to make sure they were fit to be coated and of course a small test area was coated to guarantee no major change in aesthetics would take place. Once this was complete we start from the top down with our leather sealant then fabric spray and all the way to the sole with our rubber and plastic coating.

Our client now has full protection on these stunning trainers which will be protected from water ingress and spillages along with mud/grime/tar stains on the white rubber surrounds. This type of coating can be completed in around 1 hour and we take delivery of luxury goods to our application lab and can have the item(s) back to you within 4 working days.

We love items like this as its a bit different to our usual grand commercial coatings our applicators are commissioned to perform.

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