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Renewable Energy

Once a wind turbine has been erected it then becomes increasingly costly to maintain and clean as special heights teams often cost a considerable sum to hire.


With one of our applications we can vastly reduce cleaning of the blades.

Other benefits are that drag will be reduced on each blade meaning that there will be less degredation in output of the unit itself.


This means that there will be less build up of contaminants on the leading edges allowing the blades to flow with ease.




*Less cleaning required

*Drag reduction

*Lower carbon emissions


We do not apply to already erected sites and can only perform our application at a conveience to the client before transportation to the site.


Contact us for more information on Wind Power applications.

Nano eco coat wind turbines for the renewable energy sector. This coating is permenant and reduces drag and cleaning of the blades. It will stop the build up of contaminants on the leading edges letting them flow with ease. The cleaning of the blades will be reduced by up to 70%. Performed by Nano Eco
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