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Fasteners & Bolts

Nano Eco have now designed a coating for all fasteners, stud bolts and petrochemical bolts for the oil and petrochemical industry as well as the construction sector. This coating is not just for bolts, infact it can be applied to all materials connected with the oil, gas, petrochemical and construction industry.


This new innovative coating is set to be the leader in coatings for the industry surpassing all available coatings to date.


Nano Eco use cutting edge nanotechnology to coat fasteners and all bolt types. The coating itself is a chemical solution which bonds to the structure and has the followimg benefits -:


*Anti corrosive

*Rust proof

*Weather resistant

*Superhydrophobic properties

*For temperatures up-to 800 centigrade and below 250 centigrade

*Chemical resistant

*Coated on a molecular scale


Our coating will bond to the following materials



Steel-carbon, stainless, chrome plated, galvanized.

Aluminium sheet, bar or rod (many alloys), foil, anodized or chrome pre-treated.

Copper, brass, bronze, red brass, other alloys.

Castings, aluminium, magnesium, zinc.




magnesium, titanium, nickel, silver alloy, 1/30th gold filled.



glass, alumina, pyroceram (Corning Ware).


To obtain more information on this please contact us.

Nano Eco can coat any substrate with our permenant nanotechnolgy substance. Anti graffiti, anti corrosion, chemical resistant. Heat resistant up to 800 centigrade and 250 centigrade below also being weather resistant it is suitable for copper, pipeline all fasteners and stud bolts and in fact any material used in the oil,gas and petrochemical industry. Nano Eco
This coating by Nano Eco is weather proof, anti rust, ant corrosion and totally chemical resistant. Bolts and fasteners can be dipped on a large scale giving them permenant protection. Worikng worldwide ie dubai,doha,qatar,suadi arabia,asia pacific,europe,uk. Performed by Nano Eco
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