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Nano Eco offer a full service, from consultation, to demonstration on a sample area of the surfaces you wish to protect or similar.

We provide permanent protection to those looking to utilise the latest nanotechnology which has recently become available. Unlike some other products which offer 6 month or 12 month protection, our solution is one application and it does not need to be topped-up*.

Have our anti graffiti anti vandalism coating applied to any surface and stop the use of detremental chemicals which are bad for the environment. Save on water and wages. Suitable for schools,councils,service stations,public toilets, post boxes. Performed by Nano Eco

Vandalism costs millions of pounds a year to clean in the UK and Europe. For a reasonably low cost we will coat your desired surface protecting it from mindless vandals who are only growing in numbers.


Once coated the surface will be protected not only from vandals but also algae, bird fowl and moulds.

The process


Our coatings are either applied by brush/roller/sprayer or by hand applicator depending on the surface in question.


We will survey the substrate directly or by photo consultation and determine which application method suits.

Nano Econ can clean the surface at an extra cost before application or you may have it cleaned prior to our arrival.

Our team will then apply the nanotech coating.


In the case of signs or street media we can coat these from new at your premises or at a location of your choice provided by the client.


Removing graffiti


To remove graffiti from your newly-coated surface all you need to do is use a high pressure water stream system like a pressure washer or a cloth with water. It's that simple, no chemicals no hassle.

Stop vandals by having Nano Eco apply an anti graffiti coating to any surface or substrate. Easy to clean off only using water no harsh chemical needed. Nano Eco



The environment is becoming so important and we must protect it at all costs.


Our application will lower your carbon footprint by way of the following -:


*Less use of harsh chemicals

*Less water usage


Operational savings and benefits


What we have listed above is merely the beginning of the benefits as to why this application is environmentally-friendly and can reduce operational costs at the same time.


*Save on staff wages

*Save on fuel to and from each site

*Save on chemicals and detergents

*Save on maintenance of machinery

*Maintain good visuals

*Save water

*Maintain client satisfaction (media and advertising displays)



*Schools                            *Graffiti hotspots               *Service stops         *Safety shutters           

*Public toilets  



*Local councils


*Street media           

*Phone boxes  

*Bus shelters etc



Nano Eco have many structures coated with our technologies that are available for a demo or you may send us a sample of the substrate you wish to be coated and we will return it to you to test free of charge.

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